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  • [BountySite] Free Website Backup and Security

    Limited Offer:
    - Get 1GB Backup space for free, with 1 Mysql database for one website
    - Add proactive security for free to your website
    - There is no reason why you still don't backup your website
    - With backup restore points, malware removal is in your hands and it is free. You don't have to fresh install!
    - 1GB Backup Plan details
    - Website backup overview details can be found here
    - More details here
    - Go ahead and create your free account here
    - Control Panel feature details can be found here.

    Bottom line: You get all this for free. Join us at our forum(after signing up), and help us get better. Feedback and feature requests are most welcome.

    Special Limited Offer:
    - Get 10GB backup space for free, with Mysql databases, per website
    - Contact us to create a new account for you
    Offer applies only for the following types of sites:
    • Blogs
    • Forums
    • Directory websites
    • Review sites
    • Informational websites
    • Online business brochure/catalog
    • Community building websites
    • Writers/Authors websites
    • Mobile device websites

    BountySite securely backups websites and runs security scans on offline backup data. Backup storage set across the globe, separated from the Control Panel, and can be communicated over SSL REST API only. BountySite platform can scale horizontally, with thousands of sites per storage node. With Bounty Security model, we charge 1$(with max cap of 5$ per year) for every threat detected, and optional applicable patch, making it a true SECaaS.

    BountySite constantly researches to categorize files and catches malwares and threats.
    We are currently offering Bounty Security and Security Patches for free.

    Here is an analogy:- To catch all the bad fishes in a pond, you need the right kind of net to catch them, and ensure that the good ones are not caught. Well! we designed the pond(Backup Service) to let all the fishes flow into, and our job is to design the net to catch bad fishes(Threats & Malware).

    Be proactive with security now!
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