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Get a Free JetBackup License from

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  • Get a Free JetBackup License from

    Get a Free JetBackup License when you purchase a Backup Storage account starting at £5.00/month from

    If you are not backing up your data, then that data is NOT IMPORTANT! Your data IS IMPORTANT? Then we not only recommend you use the best cPanel Backup Software available today but we also strongly suggest you make OFFSITE backups using the best Backup Storage service around called StorageSpider by HostXNow.

    Receive JetBackup free when you purchase any Backup Storage plan with HostXNow, which means you can have yourself a FREE JetBackup license and 100 GB backup storage for just £5/month, and with our unique setup, you may easily scale the size of the disk storage up or down yourself within seconds using our control panel at any time!

    You only need to pay the difference in cost when upgrading or downgrading which makes everything even more affordable.

    What are you waiting for?

    Select Your Perfect cPanel Backup Software

    JetBackup is a remote rsync backup WHM plugin for the famous hosting control panel cPanel. Create unlimited backup jobs with smart account filters, multi-scheduling, custom hooks and more! Give your clients the self-service backup and restore functionality they deserve!

    Included With Every Plan
    • Daily Backups
    • Weekly backups
    • Monthly backups
    • Retention backups
    • Incremental backups
    • Compressed backups
    • Uncompressed backups
    • 100% cPanel compatible
    • Complete Backup History
    • Automated Clean Backups
    • Backup system Files
    • Backup all MySQL databases
    • Parallel Backups
    • Control Suspended Accounts
    • Backup Size
    • Disaster Management
    • Alerts Features
    • Log Management
    • Local Disk Storage
    • Remote FTP
    • Remote SFTP
    • Remote SSH
    • Multiple Storage Pools
    • Individual Destination History
    • Test Destinations
    • SSH Key deployment
    • Entire Backups
    • Daily Disaster Backups
    • Weekly Disaster Backups
    • Monthly Disaster Backups
    • Custom Disaster Backups
    • Support Local Disk and SSH
    • Backup Alerts
    • Storage Destination Failure Alerts
    • Backup Upload Failure Alerts
    • Backup Restore Failure Alerts
    • MySQL Server Connection issues
    • Backup Alerts
    • Restore Alerts
    • Full backup Logs
    • Full restore Logs
    • Status Logs
    • Restore Progress Logs
    • Backup Progress Logs
    • Restore full cPanel accounts
    • Restore multiple cPanel accounts
    • Restore a domain
    • Restore MySQL backups
    • Restore Email accounts
    • Restore Home Directory
    • Restore File or Folder
    • Restore Lock Mechanism
    • Background Restore
    • Feature-rich cPanel GUI
    • Feature-rich WHM GUI
    • cPanel interface
    • WHM interface
    • Feature manager support
    • Multilanguage
    • Powerful command line tools
    • Show Disk Usage
    • Enable/Disable Individual backups
    • Supports

    Free JetBackup License
    Bundle Deal!

    Get a FREE JetBackup license when you purchase a backup account from Storage Spider starting from just £5/month!

    You may upgrade or downgrade between 100 GB to 4 TB backup storage within seconds at any time.

    Also, you only have to pay the difference in cost. Awesome!

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