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The quickest way to backup / restore cPanel servers?

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  • The quickest way to backup / restore cPanel servers?

    Which methods do you use to restore a cPanel server as quick as possible?

    It is a lot of work to reinstall cPanel, secure and optimise the server and reinstall all of the 3rd party software like CSF, Softaculous, etc.

    You could restore using something like r1soft and sync the rest.

    How do you go about it? Please provide detailed information not just "use r1soft to restore server" or something along those lines as that isn't that helpful.

    I'm talking about the best and quickest way to restore everything including 3rd party settings like CSF, CloudLinux, everything.
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    You can Purchase Automated Scheduled Backup plan for your website Cpanel Backups Then, You can select a backup schedule of daily, weekly or monthly backups of an entire website, including files and database.

    This backup will be made automatically. Every account uses secure online storage from the Amazon AWS cloud, to make sure your files are kept safe and protected.
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