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  • Best Hosting & Server Provider Worldwide

    Which is the Best Hosting & Server Provider Worldwide, Iy we have various country domain extension, please share your view ?

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    I remember someone saying once 'There is no best web hosting provider, only the best web hosting provider for you' or something along those lines i.e what might be the best web hosting provider to one person might not be the best web hosting to a different person. The reason for that is because everyone has different requirements, budget and overall expectations.

    Usually, those who are the best specialise in what they do for example Windows hosting or Linux hosting. If you use a provider who offers both Windows and Linux hosting then their support might not be as effective because the support team are having to work with too many different environments. In that case, if you wanted the best Linux hosting then I would suggest using a provider who only offers Linux hosting or Windows hosting if you wanted Windows.

    That said there are providers who offer many different types of hosting services such as cPanel hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSD Hosting and Cloud Hosting but in that case it would not likely make much difference as they could all be powered by the same Linux OS.

    It is important to go with your gut and signup with a provider one who looks the best because they offer what you need. Just don't make the mistake of going by price alone i.e picking a provider because their plan is the cheapest. Some providers overcharge, some undercharge and some get it just right. Obviously, you don't want to choose a provider who overcharges just because they can and you don't want to pick a provider who undercharges too much because that may mean the support will not be as good due to their staff not being paid as much, etc. The difficult part for many is trying not to be fooled for signing up to a provider who has merely been hyped up. The hyped up providers can have excellent marketing teams/affiliates to make a big song and dance everywhere on the internet about why they're the best, when sometimes, in reality, they can offer the worst support and least server resources i.e your websites load slow as a snail.

    Choosing a provider sure isn't easy. I recommend to just do research and take your time to pick a good host. A worst case scenario is if you aren't happy within the first 30 days you can usually get a full refund.

    I find it's a good idea to put a website on at a few different providers with similar specs and pricing and see which provider loads the website faster. Sometimes you can be surprised which one performs better a lot of the time. Hint: the massively hyped up ones usually perform the worst.

    I recommend going with smaller providers if you prefer much more personal support. A lot of the bigger providers usually offer much fewer server resources by setting very low LVE limits within CloudLinux.

    Good luck with the research.

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      There is no one best hosting provider. You have to choose a good one and if it fits for you needs that it is the best one for you. For years I was using godaddy, but then moved on to cloud hosting. Godaddy is a good hosting but shared hosting has lost its charm now.