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Difference between tags & keywords

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  • Difference between tags & keywords

    What is the Difference between tags & keywords, please share your view ?

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    Keywords are usually used to find something via a search engine like Google; tags are usually used to search for something within blogs.

    Hope that helps.
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      Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying with the valuable information.


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        Keywords are used to search service in Search Engines.
        Tags are used to search related service in the blog

        Calvin K


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          "Tags" is not a term. There is a term "Meta Tags" and some of the meta tags (description tags in the HTML code) are called "keyword tags".
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            Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the very informative information.


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              Nice thread!


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                Keywords are used by search engines to identify what your blog and your blog articles are about. A search engine knows what terms are highly searched by users, and looks for those words and phrases on web pages.
                Tags are self-assigned “labels” that you can use to categorize the posts on your blog. Your tags can be anything you want.
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                  Ok, Now I understood, Thanks for replying the valuable information.


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                    Keywords and tags are 2 tools in web development which will greatly aid in guiding traffic to your website. In most cases, the 2 are used interchangeably as they need terribly similar functionalities. The most distinction between keywords and tags is wherever you may realize them. Keywords are literally a part of the content and are accustomed establish what the content is all regarding. On the opposite hand, tags are simply placed by the creator of the content to explain what the content is and what it relates to. it's going to seem within the same page because the content, however it's not a district of it. Keywords are concerning everyplace. In distinction, tags are seen largely in blogs or sites that organize their contents as distinct pages or articles.


                    1.Keywords are literally a part of the content however not tags
                    2.Keywords are seen altogether website whereas tags are seen largely in blogs
                    3.Tags are used for organizing similar content in an exceedingly website whereas keywords aren't