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Customers not updating their CMS

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  • Customers not updating their CMS

    What do others do about this on their Web/Reseller servers?

    One option is to use Softaculous like this

    Click image for larger version

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    The trouble with that is it can sometimes cause customers sites to be updated wrong e.g they made a website with CMS and somehow Softaculous reports a different script and so overwrites the script with the wrong software. The softaculous auto upgrade does not always work properly and can break a site, and so the only option is to restore a backup for the customer, but that backup could be outdated by a few days.

    It is just nuts that customers will leave their website running an old version of WordPress, but when you force the upgrade they are not happy if it breaks their website understandably, but what can you do when they ignore your email reminders about it?

    How do you go about making sure all scripts are up to date to help prevent the sites being hacked and spam being sent from your server.
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    It should be a customer intrest to update them in order to prevent hacking and malicious attacks

    the security should not effect the server at all

    how about sending an email to clients when ever thier is a release .. not all but atleast cms like wordpress would do the job

    ur clients will also think good about your gesture


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      It's a nice idea but the majority of exploits come through vulnerabilities in themes and plugins. And there are so many of them it would be a real job to check the latest versions of those and inform customers. And that is if the latest version of a lot of the less popular plugins even have updates after their vulnerabilities are exposed.

      The best thing to do is probably just remind customers to be aware of their security and to keep their whole site updated as frequently as possible and to remove any old plugins or themes they are no longer using.
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