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What is container based hosting?

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  • What is container based hosting?

    Is there anyone familiar with container based hosting?

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    I recommend having a read of which will probably answer a lot of your questions rather than people just trying to rewrite the containerisation bible here for you.


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      Container based are for instance, VPS hosting accounts, based on OpenVZ virtualization technology where you have own OS (e.g. Linux CentOS, Debian, etc.) installed, dedicated IP assigned and full root access to install any software you want. If you're looking for a low cost and reliable VPS, check these out -

      It is much better, reliable and private then if you compare with the shared hosting, where users are sharing same IP and operating system.


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        In my opinion, containers are the best choice if you're hosting your website on the webserver without any control panel. Container is faster then KVM vps for example.


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          Container is faster but need to share kernel with host. It implies that some features of your OS can be disabled, such as network bridging, quota, tun/tap. Nowadays, there is some workaround:
          • Quota can be enabled per request. You have to enable "2nd level quota" on the host.
          • Tun/tap can be also enabled per request on the host.
          Most of control panel can run on containers: cPanel, ISPConfig, ...


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            Containers use software virtualization to partition and allocate hardware resources on cloud networks.Containers use a runtime engine for virtualization and micro or nano operating systems with cloud orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes , Docker Swarm etc.. They are faster and are better choice for web hosting.