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SmartHosting acquired by Krystal

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  • SmartHosting acquired by Krystal

    I awoken today to the news that Krystal has acquired SmartHosting ( I'm currently a customer with Smart & have multiple accounts with them, and fortunately, unlike other customers haven't experienced any problems with my services, apart from the 12+ hrs of support time.

    Unfortunately, they have stopped providing Unlimited Master Reseller Hosting and customers who have that plan will be downgraded to the premium reseller plan. - Good Job I don't have a master plan, although it was on my cards.

    I'm planning on sticking with them & see out the last 2 months of my contract with them to see how things go, and if it's to my liking, I'll probably place a new order with them. Afterall, it's not often you come across a website company like SmartHosting that provides unmetered packages and free SSL Certificates.

    Is anyone else here hosted with them and plan on giving them the new company a chance?

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    I'll just copy and paste what I wrote at WHT

    Yes, knew time ago they were acquired by Krystal before their customers did (and I'm not even a customer of theirs).

    I don't think the "unlimited storage" business model works very well, and it's bound to cause a lot of trouble for those who don't have the resources (staff, servers and money) to manage it all correctly. I'm not saying that's the case for SmartHosting, but it sure isn't easy to trust a provider who claims to offer "unlimited storage". Drives have limits and to provide excellent stability and performance you need to use SSD or similar which is not cheap, and there's only so many drives you can fit on a server.

    Good luck to all the customers during the migration. Try to take backups or have them ready if you can to be on the safe side.
    I don't have any direct experience with SmartHosting, I didn't know much about them until recently, to be honest, but I think Krystal are supposed to be good. I don't think I've seen any negative reviews about Krystal or at least any that they didn't handle well.

    I know james85 has or had Reseller hosting with SmartHosting. He knows more about them than I do.

    I wouldn't use Master Reseller Hosting even if it was free.
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      Yes, it happened when they started to change the website a few weeks ago... From my understanding they have 2 servers, helium and hydrogen, each with 120+GB of RAM around 8TB of storage and 32 core cpu. My guess is that they are going to shrink down all the accounts onto the servers...

      I thought I would get out now so backed up my couple of accounts and moved them... I was also a bit annoyed that you couldn't connect to mailboxes using the standard NON-SSL settings.

      Make sure you use WHMEasy backup and keep your sites backed up daily offsite.

      Krystal looks good... But looking at the cloudlinux settings they are rather reduced even thou they are using SSD you won't see much of a benefit if the CloudLinux settings are low.

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