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What's the best and worst hosting you've had as of now?

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  • What's the best and worst hosting you've had as of now?

    I mainly want to hear about the good hosts you've used, though you can also drop a few bad ones in there if you like.

    Important: please be sure NOT to talk about your own services or any that you may be affiliated with, and no begging anyone you know to recommend your services. Keep it real.

    Hopefully, this thread will help others out when it comes to deciding on which hosting provider they should use.
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    OVH ~ The first time I bought a Dedicated Server for a month is when I want to try SolusVM but I didn't manage to setup so I gave up, The second time I bought 1/2 Dedicated Servers for 6 months on my Free Hosting Project and no issues other than their Anti-Hack alert which shuts down and boot the Dedicated Server to Rescue Mode, maybe someone is hosting some kind of scripts? Well, I don't know.

    Hetzner ~ Billing is quite complicated and you don't see the charges on your bank statement, it's hidden

    Quadix ~ Server Down / SSD unmounted for whatever reason they gave
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      I agree with you about OVH and Hetzner. Never used Quadix.

      I remember using many users ago and had a lot of billing issues with them if I remember rightly (the site redirects to Fasthosts now), but other than that I probably only disliked OVH after a network outage they had which caused a lot of problems with network config on a server of mine, apart from that they're good, and I still have services with them.

      I also like RapidSwitch.
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        I used and its great and used interserver its ok ok ..never tried shared hosting


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          i used it is a Best Web Hosting India with Best Customer 24/7 Support ... never tried of shared hosting till date... if in future will use shared hosting will let u know..


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            I have used a lot of web hosting companies, from Godaddy, Hostnine, Bluehost, Hostgator, DigitalOcean, AWS ang Google Cloud. That is a lot of providers and lot of experience, I have used many other as well. If you ask me best in cloud I will say DigitalOcean is best as it is cheap and good. If you ask me about shared is the one. If you ask me about reseller hosting Hostnine is the best in market.


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              sdeepinc this is a company you've personally used? Please PM ME to show that.
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