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Excellent news! Forums.Hosting is gaining a lot more traffic...

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  • Excellent news! Forums.Hosting is gaining a lot more traffic...

    Hello Members,

    We have been receiving a lot more traffic to this forum lately, which, of course, is a good thing! But we need your help to make the community look more active. You can help by at least logging in the forum every few days. Even you do not have the time to post regularly, logging in every day or so will help make the forum look more active, and hopefully give others incentive to take part in the forum more by creating new discussions on the forum.

    We hope everyone appreciates all the content on the forum and our members continue to contribute more. We were thinking of adding Blogs and Articles so members can maintain their own right from our site, but with the added benefit of our members being able to promote their own services (not like on the main forums where advertising is only allowed in the advertising forums). If you have any feedback regarding this, please let us know at by creating a new Topic. No doubt we will get some feedback on this from other members.

    I would also like to announce our new Global Moderator "Andrei" ( ). Andrei ran his own web hosting company several years ago and so knows a lot about the web hosting industry. He has since sold the web hosting company and now runs HetrixTools which is all things Uptime Monitoring and Blacklist Monitoring. Andrei from HetrixTools even offers 100% FREE Uptime Monitoring and Blacklist Monitoring accounts, so be sure to check their pages on this at the following URLs:

    Uptime Monitor =
    Blacklist Monitor =

    Also, given that Andrei does not run a web hosting company you can be sure that he will not be biased whatsoever when it comes to competing Web Hosting providers; he really does tell it as it is, hence he is our main Global Moderator here at Forums.Hosting. Unfortunately, other web hosting forums have moderators who run their own Web Hosting businesses, which of course can cause a conflict of interest or false accusations, etc. You know how it is. That is not an issue at our forum. We will be keeping an eye out for new Moderators i.e those who contribute to the forum more by helping visitors/members out with solutions, you know, the usual. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please check

    For those who would like to add their signature to their forum posts for SEO benefits (to help their own websites rank better and the like), please check - just be sure to follow the rules

    Remember, there are no web hosting affiliate links on our forums. We are not another one of those so-called "Top Ten Web Hosting" sites where only the providers paying the most commission are ranked better aka affiliate-driven.

    As our description says:

    "Forums.Hosting is an unbiased site where people can share honest information and experiences about reliable web hosting providers, while at the same time avoid scams and overrun, oversold, overloaded and overcharged companies. Other related subjects are also covered.

    This web hosting forum is for consumers and Web Hosting related businesses, offering discussion & help for consumers from their peers, including how to host a website or run a web hosting business, check web hosting reviews & choose a web host, find answers to any questions you may have, to even finding the best web hosting coupons and discount codes. There is something for everyone."

    Well, that is all for now. Enjoy the rest of your week and we hope to see you on the forum soon at

    Best regards,

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