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Forums.Hosting is now GDPR compliant

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  • Forums.Hosting is now GDPR compliant

    We would just like to let you know that we have updated our forum software to become GDPR compliant. We were waiting for our software vendor to provide updates regarding GDPR. Our users may now withdraw consent and download their personal information that we hold about them. For more information about these changes, please read on.

    Privacy Policy

    We have updated our privacy policy page at the following address

    Withdraw Consent

    Users will be able to withdraw their consent by accessing the Privacy Tab on their Settings page. When they withdraw consent, they will be logged out of your site. We have Automatic User Deletion enabled, this means the user will be deleted after the waiting period specified. If the user wishes to use our site again, then they will have to give consent again to access their account.

    Personal Information Download

    Users will be able to download their personally identifying information from the Privacy tab on the Settings Page. This is downloaded as a CSV format file and is compatible with any spreadsheet. The file only includes personally identifying information and does not include any content they have created on their site.

    If you have you have forgotten your password, you may reset this at

    Best regards,

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