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What is your favorite genre of music, and why?

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  • What is your favorite genre of music, and why?

    What is your favourite genre of music, and why?

    In short, I like anything with a good beat and vocals e.g Trance/House/Chillout but I can listen to stuff like Pop/Rock/Indie too.

    You can add a link to SoundCloud music using BB code if you like e.g

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    I learned to play guitar and bass when I was younger and I like all kinds of music.
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      Started off listening to Trance/Dance music when I was younger but gradually progressed when I bought my first pair of decks at around the age of 15. From then I moved into hard house for about 2 years then into drum and bass and i've kept on the D&B tip. One good point about D&B is the variety of it including many sub genres including techy, liquid, dark, jumpup, clownstep, half-time... its basically endless. Went on also to do a few dj'ing gigs out when I was madly into it but now i've took a bit of a backseat and now concentrating on building my web hosting up.

      There's some good points aswell in regards to music including the fact it opens your mind and it also uses more of your brain which is interesting.

      Also as a hobby I also run a music label "Demon Recordings" which isn't as dark as the name suggests only because a few friends gave me the DJ name of "Audio Demon" when I was younger. The label lets me express myself within music which I still do in any spare time.

      Soundcloud Link:
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