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Looking For Co-founder (Developer) For Classifieds Website Start-up

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  • Looking For Co-founder (Developer) For Classifieds Website Start-up

    I've been working on a Classifieds Website since January 2016 and have stopped due to some disappointment from Commercial Developers which fails to deliver their services.

    Website Archive:

    I'm currently to start the website again and rebrand to a different name with the help of Co-founder (Developer) because I've spent too much of time in it and I don't want my efforts to go in vain.

    Originally the Classifieds Website is based in Singapore and is looking to expand to more Countries once more features are implemented and bugs are fixed.

    It is based on Osclass 3.6.1 and there are features which include:
    - Favorite System
    - Messaging System
    - Star/Rating System
    - Anti-Spam System which blocks Spammer from Registering and if the Listing has too many similar words, it'll be marked as Spam
    - Profile Picture / Timeline Picture
    - Facebook Comments on Listings
    - Search Nearby Listing based on Kilometers from your Current Location
    - Search Listing based on number of days ago
    - Clean Email Design
    - Send Email when certain criteria are met (example: 3 days registered, posted listing 3 days ago and have no images, etc)
    - Premium Ads / Upgrade Ads to Premium
    - Many Meta Fields, Categories and Districts is added
    - TinyMCE Editor when Publishing/Editing Listing
    - Adobe SDK Image Editor when Publishing/Editing Listing
    - Bump Listings every 24 Hours
    - Activate / Deactivate Listings
    - Google Maps on Listing Page, Mobile User is able to click on Get Directions and Google Maps will open
    - Call / SMS on Listing Page if User is using Mobile and able to call the User
    - Share Listing to Social Media/WhatsApp
    - SEO/OpenGraph Friendly
    - Mobile Friendly
    - User Timeline where you can view User Listings, Google Maps Location, etc
    - And much more

    If you have full commitment, ready to start immediately, is a Developer (HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY, PHP/PHP-FPM, MYSQL/MARIADB, NGINX) and interested in being part of the team, please add me on Skype at live:marcus.chiang .

    I'll be idle most of the time and will be paying the Hosting, Domain, etc bills. You just have to focus on making a better Classifieds Website (Advertising, Fixing bugs, implementing features, etc) and also treating it as your own.
    Once there is a profit made, profits will be split into 50-50.
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    A bit late on this one, how did you get on with this?
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